Fleur-de-Lys vines at Aramis VineyardFleur-de-Lys vines at Aramis Vineyard
Fleur-de-Lys vines.

The Name

Aramis Wines takes its name from one of the three famous musketeers, central figures in an enormously popular 19th century novel by Alexandre Dumas. Fearless in combat and great lovers of life – especially of food and wine – Aramis and his comrades-at-arms threaded their way through the violent and often treacherous politics of the reign of Louis XIII. No mere soldier, Aramis is revealed as a man of intellect, ambition and also, a romantic – a hatcher of dreams and schemes.

Aramis Vineyard vine leaves
The Aramis Vineyards plain.
Aramis Vineyards meandering the vines
Meandering the vineyards.
Aramis Vineyard, Willunga Hills
A view to Willunga Hills.
Decadent table, food and wine at Aramis-vineyards
Sharing the love.
Aramis Vineyards, food, wine, friends
Fine wine (Aramis, of course!) and a feast with friends.
Aramis Vineyard, Willunga Hills
Vineyard with a view. The rolling hills of the Fleurieu.
Plaited trunk at Aramis Vineyard
The braided trunk of an Aramis vine.